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Our Services

TPA Services

  • Cash less and hassle free hospitalization benefits at network hospitals/ nursing homes
  • Member enrollment, benefit confirmation, on-line profile management
  • Empanelment of service providers, negotiation of tariffs and discounts
  • Helpline and Customer Support
  • Claims adjudication and payment
  • Analytics/Under Writing Support

Claims Administration ( Cost / Fraud )

  • Our claims administration capabilities encompass insured assistance, claim pre-certification, adjudication and settlement.
  • We administer a variety of self-insured medical benefits plans for clients nationwide.
  • Our tailored administration services provide flexibility and control to clients.
  • We have access to health care networks nationwide and have an in-house pre-certification program for cashless treatment in these provider networks.
  • We also provide stop-loss administration for our clients by administrating Fraud control system and real time estimating of loss reserves.

Health Care Network

  • We are ready to meet your organization's health care needs whether you have Insured at a single location or at multiple locations nationwide.
  • We work in concert with clients to find positive solutions to their health care plan objectives.
  • Our strategy is to find a balance between Insured access and cost savings.

Pre Policy Health Check-Up

  • Empanelment of Diagnostic centers after due diligence.
  • Finalisation of rates, tariffs and document templates for different insurance companies.
  • Member health-check up-fixing appointment and communication, picking up reports.
  • Digitizing reports and uploading for on-line access.
  • MIS and Analytics.

We maintain and raise the quality of service through a strong network of Diagnostic Centers spread all over India. Our motto is to deliver the medical reports in the shorts possible TAT to facilitate better underwriting. We are very quality conscious and only use well equipped diagnostic centers on Pan India Basis.